Date Night Looks for this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. Hopefully, this year we can get out and enjoy more than we have in the last two. The big question we face is what to wear. We know you look good in the right sweats, but since the shutdown is over, it’s time to step it up. The good news? Valentine’s Day falls right on the weekend, so you and your love (or the love you’re looking for) have all night to shine. 

Whether you’re going out to dinner or simply hanging with your love at home, we have some ideas to help you look your best this Valentine’s Day. Turn it out and turn it up with these looks. 

Why Do Fools Fall in Love Dress

You’ll know why fools fall in love when you try on this dress. Blow off old notions of wearing white until after Easter with this gorgeously fitted look. You’ll shine bright in this gorgeous midi dress with a plunging neckline no matter what color you choose. Stylish meets sexy in this stunning dress. 

Your Perfect Match Maxi Skirt Set

Maybe this year your date is with your perfect match, or maybe you’re looking to have fun with your girls. Whatever you’re after, this look will get you there. Pinks, oranges, and yellows arranged against a bit of gorgeous ivory will pop special on Valentine’s Day. The maxi skirt features a side slit to offer a peek at the legs, and the matching crop top creates a beautiful look that is both flattering and infinitely wearable. The chic set is modern in its fabric but classic in its cut—a winning combination. 

It’s the Weekend Jumpsuit

Dresses and skirts aren’t the only fun looks this year. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, we think the “It’s the Weekend” jumpsuit is just the look to make you shine. And you’re sure to shine in the silver look, but whichever color you choose, the stretch material will hug your curves in all the right places. Comfort and chic are the buzzwords for this beautiful look.   

My Life Is Yours Set

If it’s time to take your relationship to the next level, wearing this outfit for Valentine’s is the first step to getting it there. This fitted pant and crop top look great if you are going for a casual night in flats and is just as flattering with a pair of gold hoops and heels. It’s a beautiful evening look that can shift from day to night with a change of shoes and handbag. 

Catch a Date Quick Dress

The truth is, despite the name of this dress, if you’re wearing it, a date will be trying to catch you. A flirty fashion-forward look, this dress stands out with its midriff cutouts and single sleeve. When you’re wearing this dress, you’re bringing the romance. 

It’s All Love Dress

This showstopper Valentine’s Day dress is perfect for any woman who wants to show off her assets. Valentine’s Day or not, every woman needs a sexy red dress. And this is the one to have. This satin mini with a plunging neckline is sure to make you the one everyone is craning their necks to see come Friday night. 

Make Valentine’s Day 2022 a Night to Remember

We’ve waited long enough. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember in one of our gorgeous selections. If these aren’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Our boutique has a look that you’re sure to love. With dresses, jumpsuits, and sets to match any body with style and grace, you may not be able to decide on just one. Chateau Gianni Couture brings the style you need this Valentine’s Day. 

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